Member Exhibitions


The SWFPS Annual Members’ Show is an opportunity for members to publicly display their paintings. It was established with the society’s mission statement in mind. Especially relevant is the item “encourage and promote pastel artists in their professional growth and success”. This show is conducted in the spirit of the society which is one of inclusion, not competition.

Any current member of the society may submit paintings to the show. This is not a juried show, so all paintings (except those that are damaged, not properly framed, or exceed the size limitations) will be displayed. It is a judged show. A judge who is not a member of the Southwest Florida Pastel Society and who is deemed to be an expert is selected by the show committee. The judge carefully reviews all the paintings and makes selections for prizes. They are typically: First, Second, Third, an Award of Merit and several Honorable Mentions. No member of the society may influence the judge in any way.

The society has a policy of only one award per person as it is in keeping with the mission and general philosophy of support and encouragement for all members. What that entails operationally is that the paintings are numbered and the signature of the artist may be covered. When the judge arrives, he /she is greeted by a member of the show committee. The member leaves the judge to conduct the task alone and undisturbed. When finished, the judge comes to the committee members and gives the list of awards by number and title i.e. First prize number 17, Second prize number 6, etc. The committee then looks up the numbers on the submission list to find the name of the artist who matches the number. If one artist was nominated for two awards the judge then returns to the gallery to make another selection. (The artist of course retains her/his highest award.)

Works done by artists in classes or workshops will not be allowed.

All work should be original in nature, and in no case may a painting be based on or copied from another’s work without express written permission. That means no copies of the work of other artists, magazine, newspaper, calendar or digital images may be submitted. If you work from a photograph it must be your own.

The standards outlined above are those of the Southwest Florida Pastel Society. On occasion, we exhibit in venues in which additional policies may apply.