Lyn Jensen

Eastbound Westbound 8" x 10"

Lyn grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area camping weekends in the Sierra Nevada. Her career as a motorcycle racing, commercial and landscape photographer evolved into graphic designer and print broker for a myriad of businesses as staff and self employed.

Enthralled for many years by the brilliant color achieved by pastel artists, in 2014 she began experimenting with pastels and plein air painting. She is especially interested in landscapes and figures or objects in motion.

2009 - 2 permanent 4x7 ft giclee canvas murals of Charlotte County sub-tropical habitat in Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center, Punta Gorda, FL. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

While traveling the USA 8 years in an RV with her husband selling his sculptures at juried art festivals, she photographed arts and crafts and designed print marketing. She moved to SW Florida in 1997 to pursue kayaking and outdoor activities.

1982-92 - 5 photos up to 16x19 ft in ecosystem exhibits - High Desert Museum, Bend, OR. Lyn assisted the founding staff 5 years from dreams to opening to the public. HDM, a nonprofit living natural and cultural history educational facility for stewardship of the environment, is accredited by the American Association of Museums, the highest national recognition.

Darling Fuchsia 7" x 5"
The Alluring Marsh 11" x 14"
Up On The Roof 14" x 11"
Tattered 8.5" x 11.5"
My First View of the French Riviera 8.75" x 13"