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Bucolic Wisconsin

I’m originally from Wisconsin but born Canadian and hold a dual citizenship. My calling to the arts started at a very young age as I was continually drawing and designing and painting something. Later, I ended up attending several Wisconsin State Universities where I learned about the wide world of art, honed my skills in art and photography, and graduated with a BFA in Art from the University of WI-Oshkosh. Upon graduating I pursued a diverse and rewarding career in graphic arts and advertising for approximately the next twenty-five years.

I’ve been painting in the pastel medium for about 3 years but painting in oils and acrylics dates back over 30 years. My first exposure to working with pastels was in a classroom at Art Naples taught by Linda Chambers, a gifted teacher and pastel artist. Since then I've been taken with the texture, brilliant color, and the immediate, often surprising results the pastel medium can produce.
I feel I've found a method that motivates me to express my vision of the natural world and yields endless possibilities whether painting landscapes, portraits or still lifes. As long as I allow my muse into the room I'm

working toward the light and getting ever closer to improving my vision.

Southwest Florida is now home and I’m loving the endless summers and the painting possibilities I see everywhere.
I’ve been enjoying
Plein Air painting and join the group whenever I can.


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