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One-Day Workshops

Maureen Gerrity
Wed., March 20

THE PORTRAIT IN PASTEL: Getting a good likeness

Have you ever been asked to do a portrait for a family member or customer?

In this one day workshop we will focus on learning how to evaluate our source photo or model. We will learn a system to quickly get the proportions down on your paper and how to continually compare and re-evaluate to get a good likeness of your subject. 

In the morning we will talk a little bit about choosing a good source photo and a little about skull anatomy as it relates to portraiture then we will delve into techniques for evaluating the source photo. We will start with charcoal then move on to pastel. We will work from a provided source photo in the morning.

In the afternoon we will use what we learned in the morning to create a pastel painting from your source photo. Each student will get time with the instructor at their easel. There will be a short demo in the morning and as needed. 

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