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Our world surrounds us with beauty unsurpassed by any representation that I or anyone else can deliver as an artist. It is not my goal to try and replicate this but instead to find the heart in what I see and then interpret this. I believe inspiration to paint comes from the Divine and I am forever humbled in accepting this challenge. I paint a wide array of subject matter from staged still life, landscape, to animal portraits. When painting in the pastel medium, the beginning use of line

often becomes obscured with the layers upon layers of colors used to build form and dimension.
My enlightenment to paint was 16 years ago and continues to bring me great pleasure whether it is in pastel or oils.

I have served as both Charter Vice President and President of the Southwest Florida Pastel Society and on the board of United Arts Council of Collier County. These positions have deeply enriched me as an artist.

Painting is my lifelong journey. Even when the pigment is not touching the canvas the imagery and story

remain alive in my heart.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my works and find your own personal journey in what makes your heart sing.

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